Thank you for your interest in social work in Brent, where children are at the heart of everything we do. We listen and proactively respond to children’s voices and experiences and this is the core of our approach. We have worked with practitioners to develop our Practice Framework with room for your practice to grow using systemic approaches.  This includes common language based on Signs of Safety which is threaded throughout all of our interventions. Everyone in the organisation is determined to improve outcomes for children and constantly reflect on the differences we are making in children’s lives. We empower our practitioners to lead and share good practice and see practice leadership at every level across all of our services. 

Nigel Chapman, OD Integration and Improved Outcomes, Children and Young People


This is Brent

"We set trends, we don't follow them"

Want to know more about Brent?  Watch 'This is Brent' for a taste of this culturally diverse London borough. 



''I started working in Brent in October 2010. Brent has the right environment and culture for excellent practice to thrive and allows opportunities for career development. I thoroughly enjoy working for Brent and the passion that it has for not only children, young people and families, but also for practitioners'' 

Princess Gibbs

Principal Officer

''I am enjoying working in a borough with such diversity and some unique challenges''

Sinéad McEniry

Team Manager

"I think Emily (Social Worker) is really kind and does not tell me off, but she softly explains. She has taught me lots and improved my attitude - Emily is amazing''


Brent resident

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